RSS reader: BazQux

Since the death of Google Reader (may the googler who doomed it burn in non-existing hell) I've been looking for new RSS reader. What I need is:

  • Web-app (or some kind of synchronization between machines);

  • good keyboard navigation;

  • responsiveness;

  • design which lets me read stuff and gets out of the way.

That's all I can think out at the moment. Strangely enough, that seems to be quite a lot: I looked at The Old Reader and Feedly and several others, but wasn't satisfied (though used The Old Reader for more than half a year). And now BazQux has implemented keyboard shortcuts for selecting feeds, and I gave it a spin again. And I actually liked it. It costs $9 per year, but you can evaluate it for free, it's written in Haskell by a Russian programmer and has quite a bunch of features.


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