How to check if your ISO-image has been burnt properly

If you has burnt some .iso-image with known md5-checksum, you can verify if disk is valid and was burnt properly

dd if=<your-CD/DVD-ROM-device> | md5sum


# dd if=/dev/hdc | md5sum && md5sum /mnt/win_e:/software/linux/systemrescuecd-x86-1.0.4.iso
68f9c2d885d95c82bfe6c7df736ae0a3  -
   <dd output skipped>
68f9c2d885d95c82bfe6c7df736ae0a3  /mnt/win_e:/software/linux/systemrescuecd-x86-1.0.4.iso

As you can see, md5sums are the same, so disk is valid. If someone knows how it could be done under MS Windows, please comment here.


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