Two (probably) useful Mercurial hooks

Here's two Mercurial hooks I wrote for my work. One is a reminder to mention Trac tickets in commit messages, and the other notifies a developer when someone (not him) touches his part of project.

Here's reminder. It's commit hook, run after commit was made. If you forgot to write something like "fixes #666", it'd echo "Have you forgot to mention ticket?" and commit message back to you, just in time for hg rollback (or hg commit --amend in recent Mercurial versions) and changing message. Or ignoring it, of course.


ci_msg=$(hg log -r "${HG_NODE}" --template "{desc}")

echo $ci_msg | egrep -q '#[[:digit:]]{1,4}' && exit 0

echo "Have you forgot to mention ticket?"hg log -r "${HG_NODE}" --template "{desc}\n"

And here's notifier. It's intended to be incoming hook and looks if files in certain directories were modifiled by anyone except certain person. And sends message via ssmtp.


notify() {
    cp -f /var/hg/ntf.templ /tmp
    echo "See http://hg.server/repo/rev/${HG_NODE}" >> /tmp/ntf.templ
    hg log -r ${HG_NODE} -p >> /tmp/ntf.templ
    sendmail recipient@mail.domain < "/tmp/ntf.templ"

hg log -r ${HG_NODE} --template "{author}" | grep -q 'author-to-be-ignored' && exit 0

hg log -r ${HG_NODE} --template "{files}" | egrep -q 'regexp for files' && notify

exit 0

Regexp example (looks for files in `hg root`/modules/ and `hg root`/lib/modules/):

(^| )(lib/)?modules

Sample /var/hg/ntf.templ:

To: recipient@mail.domain

From: notifier@mail.domain

Subject: Achtung Minen!

<Notification message body>



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