Probably you came there following the link in my forum signature promising to explain my user title. Well, "omni-nationalist" is a term invented by myself (-:E At first I used "pan-nationalist" term, but found it to be already existing and unsuitable for my needs. So, little excurse to Latin was undertaken, and a brand hot-coined term is ready-to-use (-:E

So, who are the people calling themselves omni-nationalists? Yep, the term is somehow linked with usual nationalism, but has one major distinction: omni-nationalist is nationalist of all nations. As you can know or ask me or see on my About page, I'm Russian, therefore I'm a little bit Russian nationalist. Also I have Balto-Finnic roots, so I'm a great Votic, Izhorian, Karelian etc. nationalist. When the question is about modern celts, then I appear to be hard Irish and Scottish nationalist. Just similarly I could be referred to as Icelandic, Faroese, Dakota, Zulu, Indian, <...> nationalist.

Well, now you can see, what's my point about. I believe that every folk with its culture and language is dramatically important, so that worths to be uneasy about it. Thanks for patience and attention (-:E


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