Philips Xenium E100: review

Recently my old Siemens C60 has died, so I had to buy new cell phone. Since I'm not phone geek at all, I've decided to buy the simplest (just to call and write SMS) of Philips Xenium series (exceptional battery lifetime). So, here it is, my Philips Xenium E100.

Now I'm writing review for those who thinks if one should be one too. Probably not. Battery lives long enough indeed, phone looks and feels to palm all right, but everything else is terrible.

  • interface lags

  • you lag too: for example, in order to delete last character in already selected contact's name, one should press nine (9) buttons. And that's common

  • one can bind only fast dialing on digit bittons

  • one cannot bind anything but FM-radio on "Back" button

  • no "only first letter uppercase" mode for cyrillic

  • latin is unavailable without changing mode

  • no Extended Latin

  • when editing text, one cannot jump back and forth by whole words (by long pressing), only by symbol

  • message drafts are saved without recipient's number

  • if one cancels sending message, he should be ready to loose all the typed text and everything

The list is to be continued. I'd reckon, most of these problems are common for other Xeniums (Xenia?) too.


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