Gentoo: DRM, Radeon/RadeonHD, ATI R6xx/R7xx

Here's brief summary of one hour on **#radeon** IRC channel:

  • old DRM modules don't create /dev/dri/* for ATI R6xx/R7xx-cards, that's normal;

  • kernel (up to, but not incl. 2.6.30) DRM aren't that old, but neither aren't new enough to support the cards in question;

  • moreover, DRM mainline lacks their support too: therefore x11-base/x11-drm doesn't suit;

  • in order to build DRM modules for R6xx/R7xx, one should git-clone source from specific git branch (see Xorg Wiki)

  • use ebuild from x11 overlay with DRM_LIVE_BRANCH="r6xx-r7xx-support" added to your /etc/make.conf

Added later: described technique has no use, if you're running kernel 2.6.30 and later. Just compile DRM-modules and have fun.


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