Sony PRSA-CL10B: review

I've recently bought Sony Reader PRS-T1. Excellent reader, rest assured of that. But cover is a must-have for such a thing, so I chose Sony PRSA-CL10B. "Let it be light!", I thought. Oh yes, there is. The problem is that the cover is crappy by itself.

  • It is soft: sags easily down to screen itself

  • It lacks any lock: can't be fixed in neither opened nor closed state; no press stud or magnet or anything, cover is more or less loose

  • It's bloody expensive (more than 40% of Reader price); considering aforementioned points, I'd call this ridiculous

I'm just glad I haven't decided to buy "light-less" (a bit cheaper) version of that cover, because LED light is the only thing I like about it. Oh, and the Reader is great. Just choose cover wisely, remembering what I wrote here.


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