Tabs and spaces

That's quite old and well-known, of course, but I now have to deal with code like that (count the spaces!):

class c_integral_type(c_type):
    def __init__(self, name, format, min, max):
       c_type.__init__(self, name, struct.calcsize(format))

or like that (tabstop is obviously expected to be 8 or 12):

def genMemList( self, members ):              # indented with 4 spaces
self.append( '\tdef members(self):\n' )  # indented with one <Tab>



Oh noes! That's what I had to deal with:

  % pylint buratino
Your code has been rated at -1.79/10

My code isn't perfect, I'd be first to agree, but it scores 7/10, and it's positive 7, mind you! Bloody hell. So, back to work then


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